J. S. Bach "Opere per Liuto Trascritte per Chitarra"

Ruggero Chiesa

Introduction and Translation to Persian: Majid Amani

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Classical guitarist Majid Amani was born in January 22, 1985 in North Khorasan, Iran. His father -a music lover- encouraged him to begin playing dotar, a khorasan traditional two-strings musical instrument, at the age of 6. His father's friends, legendary musicians of the North Khorasan, often had performance at Amani's house; musicians such as Sohrab Mohammadi (Dotar player and singer), Hossein Azizi (singer and traditional percussions player), Vali Rahimi (Kamancheh player), Issa Gholipour (Dotar player and singer), etc. Step by step Majid learned techniques and repertoire of Kormanji music and memorized a lot of folk songs to play on his small music instrument. After a while he got interested in the other genres of music especially classical music. He started playing classical guitar with Hamid Navayi, a doctor who was also a skillful guitarist.

In January 2004 he started studying classical guitar at the University of Tehran under the supervision of Prof. Simon Ayvazian. He also met the celebrated pianist, Raphael Minaskanian and took part in his piano classes -as a curious case with a guitar! -.

His professional career started when he composed and performed some pieces for a musical theatre, "Jason the Winner, Jason the Loser" written and directed by Amir Soltan Ahmadi at the 22th Fadjr International Theatre Festival, 2005.

In 2006 he won the first prize at Tehran Guitar Competition and also began teaching at the Art Center, University of Tehran.

In 2008 he took part in Master’s Degree course at the University of Art, Tehran where he worked with Alireza Tafaghodi and Prof. Mehrdad Pakbaz. Moreover he took lessons from the skillful violinist Golriz Zarbakhsh.

He also took part in some master classes by the great guitarists such as Fernando Espi (professor at the Superior Conservatory of Salamanca) 2005, Walter Wurdinger (professor at Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts), 2012, Lily Afshar (head of the guitar program at the University of Memphis) 2014.

He had been working as concertmaster, soloist and composer with the University of Tehran's Guitar Orchestra, founded and conducted by Prof. Mehrdad Pakbaz for four years as well as giving his own recitals and founding Tehran Guitar Quartet. Here is a list of his concerts:

  • Recital at "Evangelische Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache In Iran", Evangelische Kirche, Tehran, Iran, 2008 & 2011
  • Recital at Art University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2009
  • Concert with University of Tehran's Guitar Orchestra, Directed by Mehrdad Pakbaz at Austrian Cultural Center, as Concertmaster, Tehran, Iran, 2011
  • Concert with University of Tehran's Guitar Orchestra, Directed by Prof. Walter Wurdinger (guest conductor) at Avini Hall, University of Tehran, as Concertmaster, Tehran, Iran, 2011
  • Concert with University of Tehran's Guitar Orchestra, Directed by Mehrdad Pakbaz at Avini Hall, University of Tehran, as Soloist of Carulli's Concerto op. 8, Tehran, Iran, 2011
  • Concert with Hamed Hadidi (Guitar Duo) at Tehran Rudaki Hall, Tehran, Iran, 2014
  • Concert with Pedram Falsafi Music Ensemble at Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2015
  • Recital at Iranian Artists Forum, Shahnaz Hall, 2016

He has taught at Shiraz Azad University (2009-12) and Tehran conservatory (2015- 2017). He also has attended in many Festivals as composer and player, such as:

  • 22th and 30th Fadjr International Theater Festival, "Jason the Winner, Jason The Loser" written and directed by Amir Soltan Ahmadi and "El Tragaluz" written by Antonio Buero Vallejo, Directed by Ashkan Kheil Nejad, as composer performer, Tehran, 2005 & 2011
  • 27th and 28th Fadjr International Music Festival, University of Tehran's Guitar Orchestra ,Directed by Mehrdad Pakbaz, and Tehran Guitar Quartet, performer and composer, Tehran, 2011 & 2012


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    Tamadon Elmi Publications, 2017

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  • 12 Preludes for Guitar, 2005-11


  • Invention for Violin And Guitar, 2006


  • Fantasia on a Theme by Shahin Farhat for Guitar, 2006


  • 3 Bagatelles for Guitar, 2007-8


  • 2 Etudes for Guitar, 2009


  • "Grotesque" for Guitar Quartet, 2011


  • "Unnamed" for Guitar Quartet, 2012


  • String Quartet, 2012-13


  • Monody on a Theme by Azad Hakim Rabet for String Orchestra, 2014


  • Duo on a Kurdish (Kurmanji) Theme for Flute and Guitar, 2015


  • Guitar Pieces for Students: